Cauldron Region History

The following information is what has been learned by the PCs regarding the history of the region.


• -3,000 years: Spell weavers from an unknown plane arrive in the area and settle in the region destined to become the Demonskar. They subjugate local ogre tribes and use them to help in building a great city. At this time, the region to the east of Cauldron is ruled by the yuan-ti of Shatterhorn and the underground rivers and lakes are ruled by the kopru. Frost giants rule the mountaintops.

• -2,500 years: Drawn by rumors of powerful magic in the region, the human necromancer Kyuss arrives in the region. He establishes a base of command and erects a massive tower, known now as the Spire of Long Shadows. His cultists begin skirmishing with the yuan-ti to the south.

• -2,000 years: Mysterious doom arrives at the Spire of Long Shadows. Kyuss and his minions vanish.

• -1,900 years: Last of the kopru are driven off by spell weaver explorers.

• -1,820 years: When the spell weavers make a critical error in the construction of a massive planar transport device, their city is destroyed in a tremendous explosion that tears a hole in reality. Portals to the Abyss open randomly in the region for the next century, allowing demons to gather and grow strong in the ruins. The massive crater later becomes known as the Demonskar.

• -710 years: One of the greatest wizards of the time, Surabar Spellmason, receives a vision from Nidrama, who has grown concerned about the demon infestation in the region. She gifts Surabar with a potent magic weapon named Alakast, and charges him with the task of settling the region and driving out the demonic taint in the Demonskar.

• -700 years: Surabar Spellmason leads a small army inland from the newly founded city of Sasserine, on the pretense of founding a new city of his own. He founds Redgorge in the shadows of a great volcano, and raises the Basalt Bastions to protect his men from attack while they begin building.

• -695 years: Kozomagon Lidu, one of Surabar’s friends and competitors, arrives in the region and founds the nearby village of Liduton, intending to horn in on whatever action had enticed her friend into the region.

• -690 years: Surabar defeats the demon Nabthatoron in combat and breaks the back of the demon host from the Demonskar. While the place remains dangerous to this day, the demons never fully recover from this sound defeat, and have remained in the crater. During the battle against Nabthatoron, Kozomagon tries to draw upon the power of an ancient kopru necropolis she discovered on the nearby lakebed, but loses control over the necromantic energy and destroys the village of Liduton instead. The village becomes known as the Haunted Village, and is shunned from that point on.

• -680 years: Discovery of numerous profitable mines in the region attracts hundreds of prospectors and adventurers. Redgorge quickly outgrows its walls. Surabar determines that the nearby volcano is extinct, and that its cauldron would make an excellent natural defense against attack from Nabthatoron’s armies. Many of Redgorge’s inhabitants relocate to this region – Cauldron is founded. Over the centuries, the discovery of many large underground complexes and caverns below the city draws the attention of dwarves and gnomes from far and wide. Two of these regions become Jzadirune and the Malachite Fortress.

• -650 years: Surabar dies of natural causes. He is entombed in an undisclosed location. Over the next several centuries, Cauldron continues to prosper.

• -600 years: Kingfisher Hollow and Hollowsky founded. The citizens hold their own against the nearby yuan-ti, and even manage to drive them back from several small encampments on the jungle’s edge.

• -400 years: Shatterhorn is sundered by the yuan-ti god Merrshaulk’s displeasure with the religious leaders there and their inability to drive back the advance of humanity; the yuan-ti presence in the area dwindles to a shadow of its former glory.

• -200 years: The red dragon Hookface arrives in the region. His attacks on merchants and cities of the region continue intermittently for a century – no heroes are able to defeat the dragon.

• -100 years: Hookface retreats to his lair north of Cauldron with his mate, Taliraxia. The two dragons do not emerge from their lair, although periodically one of their spawn emerges to terrorize the area before being slain or moving on to other regions.

• -75 years: Jzadirune is hit with the Vanishing. The gnomes abandon the stronghold and never return.

• -32 years: The rainiest winter in centuries results in massive flood damage to the lower reaches of Cauldron. The Flood Festival is founded the next year, and for the next several years, the freakishly wet winters continue before the weather finally returns to normal.

• -10 years: Zenith Splintershield disappears into the Underdark on a crusade to cleanse it of evil.

Cauldron Region History

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