Sessions 1-11 Questions (by Justin aka Dallen)

Chapter One: Life’s Bazzar

Where did Kazmojen’s resources go?

What happened to the guy we locked in the cell? (Zarkad.)

For whom did Kazmojen work?

The Beholder and the Veiled Lady…?

The boy, (Terram), the Beholder, and the Vieled Lady make their appearance (loose ends).

The Last Laugh and Jil were involved in roughing up the Priest (Ruphos) who was investigating the missing children.

Learned about Skaithen the fire giant…

Chapter Two: Drakthar’s Way

The Blue Duke is…?

Who did Drakthar work for (he was a middleman for Xoden and The Blue Duke but for who).

BEWARE the Thirteen, the Shackleborn and the Prince of Madness (from the dwarf god statue).

Orak Stonehaven – Owes us for the bathhouse incident.

Does Orak keep records of his clients?

Chapther Three: Flood Season

Lathenmires hosts party and are weapon importers(and others were building weapons below town…connection or not?)

The Last Laugh ran the Hillfolk and Alleybashers out of Cauldron.

Jenya has made 2 “prophecies”:

That the _wands of control water _were beneath the city.

The other was regarding the missing children in Chapter One.

She also received sending spell from Sarcem that lead us to Lucky Monkey.

Why don’t the churches make the wands anymore?

The Mud Slaad and his treasure in the Kopru Ruins…

Who is Fellian, Fario, and Shensen’s mentor/patron?

Who are the Cagewrights?


The Ebon Triad have only attempted to stop the Flood Festivals…

Alleybashers – possibly recruits

Hillfolk – possibly recruits

Werebaboon and friends…

Skaven(killed Seoni)...


Tarkilar mentions The CAGEWRIGHTS, “our masters” and The Ebon Triad being betrayed.

The Ebon triad had spawns of Kyuss with them in the dungeon.


Jil is with Lord Valhantru and Lady Thrifane at the Ball. She works for the Last Laugh.

The Blue Duke is the captain of the mercenaries.

Lord Valhantru is a sculptor.

The Stormblades

Zachary Aslaxin II

Cora Lathenmire

Annah Taskerhills

Todd Vanderboren

-Given credit for our liberation of the wands

-Explored Lava tubes & killed a kobold tribe

-Last adventure was a month ago



Kyuss had a tower in the jungle.


Demon lord still alive

Hookface (red dragon… hasn’t left his lair with his mate…)

Sessions 1-11 Questions (by Justin aka Dallen)

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